Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force Raising Funds for Wastewater Testing

The Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force has been conducting wastewater testing for COVID-19 since October 2020. Task Force members, town leadership, and the town health officer have been using these test results, along with many other pieces of information, to decide how best to support the health of the town. You may have seen the January 17, 2020 advisory issued by the Task Force in response to a dramatic jump in the wastewater test results and a similar increase in the number of reported cases of COVID-19 in town.

The original KeepMEHealthy municipal grant which funded this testing is coming to an end soon and the Task Force would like to extend the testing for another 3 months. The cost of this extension will be $4,560 and the Town has offered to split the cost with us. It is here that the Task Force is turning to you, our Community, for support!

Anyone wishing to contribute to keep this testing going can go to the YCAN website and donate with credit card, debit card, or Paypal or send a check. Just make sure you designate your donation to the Task Force. Thank you!

Any extra funds raised will be used to support other Task Force projects and our partners such as Yarmouth Community Services, the Yarmouth Food Pantry and the New Mainers Public Health Initiative.

For more background on Wastewater Testing in Yarmouth please click here.