Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force Offers At-Home COVID Tests for Those With Obstacles

The Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force stood up a community-based, Maine state-certified COVID-19 testing service. This testing service has the capacity to administer both rapid tests, for those who are close contacts or symptomatic, and PCR tests. It is designed specifically for those who are homebound and without access to testing or those who have schedule challenges.

Upon receiving a referral, a team of nurses and CNAs travel to client homes and provide self-swab instructions to the clients. These referrals can come through the DHHS, COVID Social Support team, community members themselves or community organizations.

We provide this service to residents in Yarmouth and greater Portland and see it as an asset for communities that do not have the capacity to stand up their own testing centers. It has been of particular benefit to BIPOC communities where access to testing is limited. It is open to all community members who meet the testing criteria. Recently, home testing expanded to Southern Maine when the Unified Asian Community partnered with the Yarmouth Testing Group to stand up their own testing service.

If you are in need of a COVID test, reach out to:

Dale Shields shields.dale1@gmail.com
Sher Jameson, ssjameson@me.com
Carla Hunt, musseit@yahoo.com

We’ll be happy to talk through options and arrange testing as needed.

ABOVE: Theresa Kim, Director of Legal Resources for Unified Asian Community (UAC) receives COVID test self-swab training from Yarmouth Task Force Test Team member Daniela Pinto, RN.