Task Force Urges Extra Vigilance Following Uptick in Cases

We urge everyone in our community to take extra care to reduce your risk of exposure to the Coronavirus in the coming weeks. Recent test results from samples collected at Yarmouth’s wastewater treatment system have shown a steady and accelerating increase in key indicators of the presence of COVID-19 in our community over the past several weeks with the most recent test result coming in more than ten times higher than we saw a few days before Christmas. Concurrently, the weekly reported number of COVID-19 cases in Yarmouth has risen from 7 to 21 in the last three weeks.

This rapid rise in both wastewater testing results and COVID-19 patient cases in town coupled with the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths at the state and national level suggest that Yarmouth is seeing a spike in cases that will continue to rise unless we all redouble our efforts to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. We feel that all of these measures will be higher next week (in fact our wastewater test results provide an early indication of what we’ll see for COVID-19 cases next week).

The means to reduce the risk of COVID-19 are familiar to most of us. But it is important to redouble our efforts now.

Remember the “swiss cheese” model of protection in which we layer together different methods.

The means to reduce COVID-19 risk for most of us are familiar but more important to utilized right now.

• Stay at home, if possible.
• Maintain physical distancing.
• Wear a mask
• Get tested if you believe you have been exposed.
• If you have symptoms, stay away from others and get tested.
• Wash your hands.
• Think about your “bubble” and consider tightening it and wearing a mask even at home, if some members are going out.
• Get fresh outdoor air and good ventilation whenever practical

Most of us in town cannot get vaccinated yet (some are eligible in category 1A) but, make sure you sign up for your vaccination as soon as you are eligible. Call the Task Force call center to get COVID information or to help arrange testing if you are having trouble setting something up. The phone number is 207-846-4763.

If you have been informed that you have tested positive for or otherwise been diagnosed as a COVID-19 case please isolate for 10 days. We welcome you to call the Yarmouth Community Coronavirus task force to get information about how to do this. Information on isolation from the Maine CDC can be found at:
https://www.maine.gov/dhhs/mecdc/infectious disease/epi/airborne/documents/IsolationCO.pdf

If you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, please quarantine for 10 days. We welcome you to call the Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force to get information about how to do this. Information on quarantine can be found at:

If you need help to stay at home, there are community services readily available. Local organizations and individuals are set to get groceries or essentials, assist with rent relief, unemployment, and bring sanitizing supplies or other necessities. To access any of these services you may call the Yarmouth Community Services (207) 846-2406, the Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force (207) 846-4763, 211, or send a self-referral using this form for community support is here:

A summary of free available services from Maine state and local agencies is here: