Maine CDC Vaccination Hotline


Maine residents with general vaccination questions can now call this line,  Monday  to Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm. This number is for questions only. It is not a vaccination appointment line. 

These are the kinds of questions that you can get answers to on the hotline:

  1. When and where can I receive a COVID-19 vaccine?
  2. When and where can my employees receive COVID-19 vaccines?
  3. Which State of Maine COVID-19 vaccination phase do I fall under?
  4. Which State of Maine COVID-19 vaccination phase do my employees fall under?
  5. Why is (insert occupation) receiving the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of my occupation?
  6. Why are individuals younger and/or in better health than myself receiving the COVID-19 vaccine before I am?
  7. What are the high-risk medical conditions that deem an individual eligible for Phase 1b of the State of Maine’s COVID-19 vaccination plan?
  8. I am allergic to ____. Is it safe for me to receive a COVID-19 vaccine?
  9. I had an adverse reaction to the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Is it safe for me to receive the second vaccine dose?
  10. I received my first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine from another state. Can I receive my second dose in Maine?
  11. I am not a Maine resident. Can I receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Maine?
  12. I had/have COVID-19. Can I still receive a COVID-19 vaccine?
  13. How do I know if I successfully pre-registered for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment?
  14. I received a phone call from (insert phone number) to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. How do I know if the call was from a legitimate vaccine provider?
  15. Questions from health care professionals regarding COVID-19 vaccination of their staff or patients (we will forward these questions to the Maine Immunization Program or pharmacy partnership program as indicated). 
  16. Questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination data in Maine.
  17. Suggestions, concerns, and complaints regarding the COVID-19 vaccination plan in Maine.
  18. Advocacy for inclusion of a particular occupation or high-risk medical condition in Phase 1b of the State of Maine’s vaccination plan.

*Along with the above list, we are happy to answer any additional COVID-19 vaccine-related questions that your group is not equipped to answer or does not have time to answer.