After Testing - What Happens Next

You’ve been tested at one of our Free Rapid COVID Testing Clinics – what happens next?

We currently result all tests on-site. We call all positives immediately so please answer your phone even if you don’t recognize the number.

If you don’t hear from us before noon, no news is good news!

If you requested your results ASAP for today’s school or work, you should hear from us within the hour. Otherwise, we will email you by end of day (usually much sooner) to confirm your result was negative. If you don’t receive an email…

Call/text 603-252-5921 with ANY questions about your test results.

Remember: today’s rapid test is a “snapshot” which tells you whether you have COVID at the time of testing.

If you test positive

You must stay home for 5 days (vaccinated or unvaccinated)

  • Contact your doctor, and notify your school/employer about requirements for returning.
  • Day 0 is the day you felt the first symptoms.
  • On Day 6, if you have no fever or symptoms, you can leave your house BUT you must mask around others for 5 more days (days 6-10).
  • We strongly recommend doing a home test before you leave isolation – a lot of people are still infectious at day 6.

Maine CDC info on isolation can be found at:

IF YOU NEED HELP TO STAY AT HOME: Local organizations and individuals are available to get groceries or essentials, assist with rent relief, unemployment, and bring sanitizing supplies or other necessities.

Call Yarmouth Community Services 207 846-2406 or…

Call the Merrill Library on 207 846-4763 and leave a message for the Task Force at ext 211

Or fill out this DHHS Self-Referral form which notifies and allows someone from DHHS to assist you to safely isolate & quarantine

Exposed to Covid, and not sure what you can or cannot do?

Our CDC Advice page has the latest guidance on next steps depending on vaccination status.

Maine CDC FAQs

There is also an excellent FAQ document from the Maine CDC that is regularly updated and has the latest information in it – bookmark this one for reference.