Be Well Yarmouth is an initiative developed by the Town of Yarmouth and funded by a grant from the Keep Maine Healthy Program. Be Well Yarmouth is an umbrella organization for COVID-19 efforts and other wellness programs operating in town.


The Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force is a grassroots organization working in collaboration with Yarmouth and Cumberland County service organizations to assist with the disruptions and uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus epidemic. We stand together to help the increasing number of people who may experience food shortages, social isolation, medical and transportation needs in the wake of this coronavirus epidemic. We are part of a larger community strategy that has been initiated by the Yarmouth Town Council, our Town Manager, EMS, Police, Fire, and all public servants. It is our goal that we participate in efforts to keep core services open, provide residents with safe ways to meet their needs and work together to mitigate the epidemic and maintain our personal/community health.

The YCCTF meets biweekly and reaches out to residents through Neighborhood Communicators. The Task Force has initiated a Community Conversation for coping with Covid-19 through the winter, organized a drive-through flu shot clinic, started wastewater testing as a means of detecting ambient Covid-19 levels, developed and staffed a help line for those in need of groceries, rides and other services. 

To volunteer, email volunteers@bewellyarmouth.org.

YCCTF Mission Statement
The Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force’s mission is to identify and respond to the evolving needs from Covid-19 in our region.

Vision Statement
The Yarmouth Community Coronavirus Task Force’s vision is to coordinate with local volunteers, professionals, and existing agencies in communicating reliable information, and meeting psychosocial, medical and food insecurity and other needs as they arise in our region.

The Yarmouth Community coronavirus Task Force’s values are to support our community with respect, compassion, honesty, integrity and transparency in order to treat everyone in our community equitably.

Yarmouth Sewing Warriors

The Yarmouth Sewing Warriors work with the YCCTF to provide hand-sewn cotton masks to those in need. To date the Sewing Warriors have provided over 3000 masks to schools, hospitals, and those who cannot afford to buy them. Check out their website to volunteer or contribute.